Sire Stakes Yearling Nominations 2017

Oakwood Inittowinit Foreclosure Abbey Won Colt Oakwood Stud
Oakwood Maestro Foreclosure Only Gossip Colt Oakwood Stud
Tarawood Ali Foreclosure One Mile Meg Colt Tarawood Stud
Talavary Zigor Crown Manhattan Talavary Zazaine Colt Talavary Stud
Bonbay Saffire Kiki Kolt Gee N Tee Colt Noel Cowden
North To Alaska Kiki Kolt Fifth Avenue Colt Shane O Neil
Moorside Cassius Foreclosure Wayside Lady Colt Moorside Stud
American Rebel Rogue Hall American Beauty Colt Gwenan Thomas
IB Notorious Hasty Hall Annies Lady Colt IB Stables
Springhill Travers Ayr Glory Springhill Eiffel Colt Sprinhill Stud
Ladyford Dollar Forafewdollarsmore Ladyford Ideal Colt James & Walter Stewart
Ladyford Buck Forafewdollarsmore Frisco Dancer Colt James & Walter Stewart
Happy As Larry Yankee Lariat High Stakes Colt Patrick Kane
Jaybee Hasty Hall Lyons Blackinaflash Colt Patrick Kane
Anglessea Fallguy Hasty Hall Camprecios Colt Patrick Kane
Stateside Trooper Armbro Deuce Norah Bluechip Colt Sue Young
Keir Camden Eagle Luck Anthology Colt Eoin Joyce
Aled Camden My Pan Mar ClassOf Nine Colt P Jonston/P Davidson
Ayr Franklin Hasty Hall Open Ayr Colt Martin Maughan
Rhyds Dragonfly See And Ski Sandfly Hanover Colt Grethe Wright
Rhyds See And Be Seen See And Ski Rhyds Hasty Affair Colt Grethe Wright
Rhyds Rebel See And Ski Hoochi Coochi Colt Grethe Wright
Double Deuce Armbro Deuce Art And Soul Colt Kevin Corey
Rainstorm Art Professor Lyons Cambest Colt The All Out Syndicate
Vino Rossa Rogue Hall Baby Rossa Filly Gwenan Thomas
Rocknroll Royalty Foreclosure Snow Princess Filly Sean Kiernan
IB On Ice Rogue Hall Jill And Jones Filly IB Stables
Newtown Lobell Allamericancaptor Cam Carrol Filly Newtown Stud
Newtown Jodi Foreclosure Oynx Killean Filly Newtown Stud
Newtown Rose Foreclosure Hannah M Filly Newtown Stud
Newtown Alana Allamericancaptor Rock Queen Filly Newtown Stud
Talavary Jenna Crown Manhattan Talavary Jade Filly Talavary Stud
Stateside Pin-Up Armbro Deuce No Messin Filly Sue Young
Stateside Vogue Armbro Deuce Panama Canal Filly Sue Young
Two For Tea Armbro Deuce Teatime Hall Filly Micklewood Stud
Ima Deuce Armbro Deuce Allamerican Holly Filly Micklewood Stud
Transmission Foreclosure Straboe Dancer Filly Stephen O Malley
Springhill Miss Kate Ayr Glory Springhill Kate Filly Springhill Stud
Oakwood Cosmo Foreclosure Angelas Cosmo Filly Oakwood Stud
Oakwood Enchanted Foreclosure Olympic Sign Filly Oakwood Stud
Tripleplay Jewel Hasty Hall Tripleplay Hanover Filly David O Sullivan
Churchview Flum Yankee Lariat Lyons Flum Filly David O Sullivan
Un named Foreclosure Kendal Feather Filly Edward McCarthy
Moorside May Foreclosure Loretta Hanover Filly Moorside
Sharpasatack Kiki Kolt The Pan Concourse Filly John Richardson
Rhyds Salsa See And Ski Brown Shoes Filly Grethe Wright
Rhyds First Edition Hasty Hall Letter Perfect Filly Grethe Wright
Meadowbranch Romance Kiki Kolt MB Armour Filly John O Callaghan


Eligible Runners For Sire Stakes Ireland 3 year olds 2018
3 year old colts 2018
1. Newtown Jackie
1. IB Warrior
2. Newtown Daisy
2. Oakwood Spur
3. Rhyds Shoefly
3. SprinhillChism
4. Meadowbranch Duchess
4. BallycoanKolt
5. Greentree Romance
5. Ladyford Jim
6. Angelas Delight
6. Stakes on the Pan
7. Rhyds Pro affair
8. Kiki Decision
9. Kiki Girl
10. Snow Delight



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